NYS KinCare Coalition

The Voice of Kinship Care in New York State

Who We Are

Kinship Care refers to grandparents, relatives, and family friends raising children when parents are unable to. In New York there are an estimated 195,000 children being raised by kin, the majority of whom are not in foster care. These families rely on community supports to help keep children safe and offer stable homes for these at-risk children.

The NYS KinCare Coalition is a group of kinship caregivers, service providers, and other stakeholders who are committed to advancing the cause of kinship care in New York. They serve as the voice on kinship issues ranging from access to available benefits, custodial and family court issues, and funding for kinship support services throughout the state.

Work With Us

Interested in adding your voice? The Coalition meets regularly to discuss issues and propose solutions via legislative action and community education. Join our mailing list by emailing us and take part in our next call.

The Coalition hosts events each year including an Education day, and a celebration of Kinship Care Month. We’ve also hosted 5 statewide summits. Check out the Calendar and join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming events.

Get in Touch

Email us at kincarecoalition@gmail.com

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