Coalition Meeting Minutes 2/18/20

1. Kinship RFP
OCFS has updated the RFP website to include responses to the FAQ section. If you have not reviewed it yet, you can do so by clicking HERE. As always, the Kinship Navigator has a lot of information available on its website that you can use to help you. Feel free to reach out with questions.

2. Legislative Updates
Assemblywoman Jaffee, the Chair of Children and Families in the Assembly, has included our entire ask into her budget letter to the assembly leadership ($4 million for local programs, $1 million for KN).
Other agencies, including AARP and Schuyler Center have included our budget ask in their budget letters as well. At the very least, we are confident that the legislature will re-fund what the Governor cut from his proposed budget.
As a reminder: the Governor put up $338k for Local Programs, $220k for KN. The legislature has, since 2016, put up $1.9 million for Local, and $100k for KN.
Finally, both Senator Montgomery and Assemblywoman Jaffee will be introducing the Kinship Care Month Resolution in chambers on February 25th. September 2020 will be our 6th Kinship Care Month in NYS.

3. Education Day
For those participating FROM HOME – please visit the Education Day Downloads section of our site to find guides on using social media, calling your legislator, and other ways to participate from home.
For those coming into Albany – we recommend scoping out parking before you come, and have a plan for where you want to park. It can be busy on Tuesday’s here, so street parking may be difficult!
For those coming with caregivers who may have a hard time getting up and down stairs, we recommend entering the Legislative Office Building on STATE STREET, as they have a ramp. We will have someone posted there to receive any coming in through that door.
For all others, we will be meeting in the Concourse in front of Prime at the Plaza. The Empire Plaza map on the downloads page shows it at location number 39 (remember, the concourse is UNDER the plaza).
Assemblywoman Jaffee has given us her conference room (LOB 626) as a spot to leave our things for the day and regroup whenever needed. We will have light snacks and water available for all that day in the room. We suggest arriving before 11 if possible, and we will send everyone to that room for our first stop of the day.
Talking Points: Our goal for the day is to elevate the cause of kinship care and ensure our programs are funded (robustly!). We are asking that program staff and caregivers share a little about themselves, the work they do, and kinship issues you face, and why we need more funding for programs around the state. We have posted a “Talking Points” page on our document download page – so check that out!
We will provide printed copies for all the meetings, but request that you bring information about your programs with you!

If you have questions: reach out to us at

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