Family Caregiving Advisory Council seeks Caregivers to Participate in Web-Based Caregiver Focus Groups

Seeking Participants for Web-based Caregiver Focus Groups: ACL is looking for volunteers to participate in focus groups to help us learn more about the experiences and needs of individuals who are supporting older adults or people with disabilities of any age. The focus groups are part of the efforts of the Family Caregiving Advisory Council and will help us learn more about ways to better support people and families who provide assistance to others. All information shared during the sessions will be kept strictly confidential, and names will not be shared publically.  Participants will not be contacted by a sales person. This important work is being conducted by The University of Massachusetts, Boston and Community Catalyst. 

Caregiver Qualification: Sometimes a family member or friend might need caregiving help from another family member or friend.  They might need help with rides to doctor appointments, other care and treatment, medication, preparing meals, and providing support, supervision and personal care such as bathing or dressing and more.  When older adults or people of any age with long-term support needs, or parents of children of any age with unique healthcare needs or a disability require assistance, it often falls to family members, friends or others to provide that assistance.People who help in this way are sometimes called “family caregivers” because they are assisting someone at no cost to the person receiving the care.  An Informal Caregiver could be someone who is caring for an aging spouse or parent who needs help with personal care such as bathing and dressing, or who requires supervision due to Alzheimer’s disease.  They can also be parents caring for young children with disabilities, or assisting an adult of any age, with health care needs or disabilities. 

The dates and times for the focus groups are noted below. ACL is looking for families and other people who provide assistance to:

  • Parents who are currently supporting a young child or an adult child with a unique health care need or a disability. Focus Groups take place on August 5th and 6th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET); and
  • Someone who is currently (or has previously) provided assistance to an older family member or close friend. Focus Groups take place on July 28th, 29th and 30th and August 4th, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET.

What does volunteering to participate involve? Using web-based communication technologies, participants will respond to a series of questions posed by staff from UMass, Boston, and Community Catalyst and discuss their caregiving experiences, needs and recommendations for ways to strengthen support to families and family caregivers. All participants will receive compensation of $100 at the conclusion of the discussion. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please call the number below and ask for study number 19086 

Phone Number: 310-306-6866

Study #: 19086

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