Call for Story Nominations

Relative Caregivers Sought for Kinship Care Month Features

Governor Andrew Cuomo has designated September as Kinship Care Month.  This year, the New York State Kinship Navigator, the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York (AFFCNY) and Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children of New York State (CASA), have come together to jointly promote and celebrate Kinship Care Month.

Kinship care plays a key role in supporting children when their parents are unable, even temporarily, to care for their children.  Studies and experience have shown that placement with family members can minimize both disruption and trauma.  As New York moves toward the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act in 2021, relatives and important people in a child’s life who step up will become an increasingly important part of our child welfare system. 

The Kinship Navigator, AFFCNY and CASA, along with other organizations, have consistently advocated for changes in the child welfare system to better welcome and support relatives who care for children.  Recognizing individuals who are exemplary examples of kin raising children, professionals supporting relatives and young people who have been positively impacted by kinship care, is one way we can better help the public understand the value of kinship care.

The Kinship Navigator, AFFCNY and CASA seek nominations of caregiver stories to be featured on social media and online to highlight the role of kinship care in NY:

  • Relatives and fictive kin* who have cared for children or are caring for children, either as foster parents, direct placement resources or informally as the result of parental abuse or neglect.
  • Individuals, especially young adults, who were in kinship care and cared for by relatives as the result of parental abuse or neglect
  • Professionals who, through their work, have had a positive impact on kinship caregivers and/or improving how our system works with relative caregivers.

Selected individuals will be featured in social media posts and on the websites of the Kinship Navigator, AFFCNY and CASA during the month of September.  Descriptions may be edited for space and length.

Nominations should include a short description about the individual nominated, as well as a high-quality photograph.  Descriptions should be no more than 200 words. Self-nominations are encouraged.  If you are nominating someone else, please include contact information so that we may get their permission before using. 

Nominations should be sent to:

Chelsea Paterson
Director of Communications and Administration
CASA of New York State

  • Fictive kin includes adults such as teachers, coaches, godparents and others who, while not related to a child by blood, marriage or adoption, play an important role in a child’s life.

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