Coalition Update: 6/12/20

Greetings Coalition Members,
In our last email, we sent around a national caregiver survey. Thank you for those who checked it out and passed it along to caregivers. Below is an update on the survey, which closes on June 15th (Monday). If you think a caregiver is willing/able, please make sure they get their answers in ASAP. Please see the below message from the group running the survey:”We’re excited to report that we’ve had 350 responses and hope to reach our goal of 500 caregivers! The survey has taken an average of about 15 minutes and our completion rate is 100%. 
Please know that this survey is now available in Spanish. The link is below. 

We believe that it is urgent to construct a comprehensive data story of the needs and resiliency experienced by kinship caregivers and multi-generational families across the U.S. We’d like to please ask for your help in reaching out to the families in your community networks to collect this information via an online survey: 

We plan to keep the survey open until June 15, 2020. We’d like to promptly share this information back to you and the broader community to inform how we can better support your work as a relative caregiver to children. Please reach out to if you would like any additional information or if you are interested in participating in more opportunities to share your story.” 

Thanks again for your collaboration!

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